The experience of tourists is not that dissimilar as they enter this valley of marvels, awestruck by its grace and beauty.
A church was built on the site and people come to gather here.On the Tolosana Way, the Abbey of Saint-Gilles, the Devil's bridge and Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert received this distinction in 1998.Spiritual epic, the history of Compostela began in the 9th century with the discovery of the burial place of Saint-Jacques.Sud de France Discover Must See Cities and villages Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, along the A75 motorway on the way.Four Principle Routes, the most southerly one, the, via Tolosana (GR653),.This route crosses the border at the Roncevaux Pass and becomes the Camino Aragonés.

Each person finds their own rhythm.Narbonne the, pyrenean Piedmont way (GR 78) is a variant of the voie dArles Arles route.Conques whose splendid abbey church stands guard over the Treasure of Sainte Foy, Saint-Sernin cathedral and the pont Valentré.Your eyes are drawn constantly upwards: villages touch the sky all around, perched on their pioch or knoll as if set in green jewellery boxes, workopolis réunions dialectes or coiled around a church or a Château.Infernet cirque, the, hérault gorges and the caves at Clamouse has been listed as a, great French Site.Here, legend has it that the Virgin restored the senses of a blind, deaf and dumb man!Two pass through the region: the paths of Arles and le Puy-en-Velay.
Nowadays these paths of faith are no longer used just by pilgrims.
This is a beautiful work which was very difficult to build, across steep gorges which gave rise to the legend of the devil terrorising the night shift workers.

Cahors, the abbey church of, moissac, on leaving.