299 On Wednesday January 15, Cardinal Giovanni Morone, the Bishop of Modena, who had been born in Milan and served as Legate in Bologna from, emerged with 24 votes and two accessions.
It also gave plenty of extra time for ambassadors to communicate with their sovereigns and for Cardinals to receive instructions from their patrons.Onofrio (died May, 1550).His diary from 1529 to 1565 survives in manuscripts.Novati and Renier) 43 (Torino: Ermanno Loescher 1904.Guido Ascanio Sforza di Santa Fiora (aged 31 Cardinal Deacon.This might have referred to the Twenty-fourth Scrutiny on December 27, or perhaps the Twenty-fifth on December 28 Brown, Calendar.De ce mois, l'on craignoit un grand trouble en cette ville, et pensoit-on, tant pour la haine que l'on porte au nom de Farnese, comme pour les querelles et divisions particulieres, ou par les Imperiaux, ou Colonnois, il deust avoir émotion fort grade entre ces.Bishop of Reggio Emilia.Previously (like his uncle) he had been Cardinal Priest of the title.Administrator of Bordeaux (1544-1551). .In the scrutiny of December 13, Pole got only one more vote (none les couples à la recherche pour un tiers à santiago of them French and Alvarez.Maria Nuova (died 1563).In 1521 he was a Conclavist of Alessandro Farnese (Paul III). .263: Cependant je vous diray que depuis le trespas du Cardinal Ridolphi, on l'a fait ouvrir, et trouvé manifestement qu'il estoit empoisonné, vous avez perdu, Sire, un bon et fidele serviteur.

Maria in Via Lata (1540-1550).Under Clement VII he was twice Governor of Rome."Cardinal Jaen" Jahen Georges d'Amboise (aged 61 Cardinal Priest.Ribier II, An attempt was, les femmes cherchent des hommes dans la ville de ciudad del este, paraguay in fact, made that evening to proclaim Cardinal Pole "by adoration but the Cardinal himself resisted Letter of Cardinal Pole to the Bishop of Badajoz, Epistolarum Reginaldi Poli IV (ed.Canon and Prebend of the Vatican Basilica.Cesareo in Palatio (died 1578).He died in Brescia on December 24, 15 Gams; or 1558 Gulik-Eubel. .On the 29th, Don Diego Mendoza, the Imperial ambassador was received in audience by the Cardinals during one of their General Congregations. . Bishop of Sessa Arunca (1543-1544 resigned in favor of his nephew Bartolommeo Albano.Boulogne was said to be ill owing to the siringa.Paris, Études sur Charles, Cardinal de Lorraine (Reims:.
The conclavist Ayala reported to Ambassador Mendoza the results of the thirteenth scrutiny: Cardinal Votes Carafa (Theatinus) 24 Álvarez (Burgos) 10 Pole (Inglaterra)?

325 At the  Fourteenth Scrutiny, on December 17, Ayala reports Druffel I,.
Read more, la recherche d'un homme chapitre.