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1940 Laudes festivae Lectionarium et cantarium pro diversitate Temporum et Festorum.
Romanae Ecclesiae cantari solet.Concordat cum orginali - meaning the Latin text is approved by the Church for liturgical use, Imprimatur and foreword from Bishop les femmes sous vêtements boxer Fabian Bruskewitz STD of Lincoln.Olivier guillou Histoire et sources musicales du Kyriale vatican.1900 Le chant grégorien et sa restauration 48p Conférence par.Wiki PDF ( cmaa forum PDF ( JDL ) NLM 1872 Antiphonaire Romain 591 Comprenant les vêpres, les petites heures et les laudes pour toute l'année.What was the Liturgical Movement?1950 Liber Usualis Liber Cantus Gregoriani Completorium Missas, Vesperas et Completorium ad singulos anni dies necnon et Parvas Horas diebus festivis ex ultimis editionibus Vaticanis.Benedict, Crookston, MM, 56716.Wiki 1914 Benedict XV Benedict XV Pope 3 September 1914 to Wiki,.1964 Is Gregorian chant measured music?Dom Guéranger remains famous for the restoration of Solesmes monastery in XIXth century and the promotion of Gregorian chant, but his main work is on the Roman Catholic liturgy.19 / 10 at eBay Le nombre musical grégorien I - A study of Gregorian musical rhythm 434p Desclée.Imprimatur Reprint by cmaa, PDF ( cmaa ) at eBay 10 at Lulu 1954 Chants of the Church (modern notation) 183p 1954.The litany and the holy communion according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America, set forth by the joint commission of church music under authority of general convention.PDF ( cmaa ) PDF(SanctaM) PDF / view PDF(imslp) PDF(Glob.) Search at eBay 150 124 at Abe 65 at StPhilip 200 at TomFolio 75 at AntiqBk 1962 Liber Usualis 1882p Desclée.
1949 Gregorian chant A textbook for seminaries, novitiates and secondary schools by Rev.
1932 Le nombre musical grégorien Desclée.

1926 Vespéral Romain Desclée.This early form of do-re-mi created a technical revolution in the speed at which chants could be learned, memorized, and transmitted.PDF ( cmaa ) PDFc ( cmaa ) PDF(SanctaM) PDF(imslp) 1913 Vesperale Romanum Dessain editor.44 at Solesmes 45 at AbbeyShop 44 at Barroux at StPhilip 15 at eBay 1934 Antiphonale Romanum Desclée.1953 Breviarium Monasticum Pauli V jussu editum Urbani viii et Leonis xiii cura recognitum PII X et Benedicti XV auctoritate reformatum pro omnibus sub regula.(LI) 1920 Kyriale seu ordinarium missae Missa pro defunctis et toni communes missae.1, 2, 3 90 at Abe 40 at Galaxidion 1937 Les Offices du Dimanche et des Fêtes Desclée.Campo) 1919 Delectus Missarum e Graduali Romano A Selection of Masses from the Roman Gradual.En français : Fraternité sacerdotale Saint-Pie-X.Pars prima Pars Altera.
It contains a completely Kyriale plus propers for all Sundays and Feasts, plus Sunday Compline and Vespers, plus some simple Psalm-tone replacements for Alleluias and Tracts.

1913 The office of Holy Week and of the Paschal Triduum According to the Roman rites as revised by the New Rubrics issued under the Apostolic Constitution of November 1, 1911.
Wiki Biographie 1895 Liber Responsorialis 496p Solesmes Resp.