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Federal wage system historical survey data, 1974-91 (30 data sets and pay schedule data, 1982-91 (4 data sets).
Attitude reports of overseas personnel, 1942-43, with indexes.Filter: CD, rencontres pour adultes mantoue vinyly/Platne, single, sACD, dVD, blu-ray, vberovky.Formerly security-classified records, 1955-64.Industrial security investigations case files, 1941-53.330.5.7 Records of the Office of Personnel Security Policy Textual Records: Correspondence and transcripts of Congressional hearings relating to the maintenance of military security in government-controlled facilities, 1953-54.Military occupational classification project reports, 1948-51.330.7.3 Records of the Directorate for Defense Information Textual Records: News Division correspondence relating to the review and release of films and scripts, 1949.330.5.9 Records of the Joint Army and Navy Personnel Board Textual Records: Correspondence, reports, and studies, 1942-45.Predecessor Agencies: War Department (1789-1947) Department of the Navy (1798-1947) Functions: Administers DOD and assists the President in providing for the national security of the United States.After-action reports of significant naval, air, and sea actions during World War II, 1941-45.330.7.1 Records of the Office of Legislative Programs Textual Records: Correspondence, 1949-52.330.5.6 Records of the Office of Personnel Policy Textual Records: General file of the Civilian Personnel Policy Division, 1948-52.1950-79 (MPF, 9 reels).
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Foreign Assistance Correlation Committee records, 1949-50.

Motion Pictures: Television network news broadcasts relating to DOD activities, 1965-76, and related documentation (574 reels).Records of the Chairman of the Committee on Selective Service, 1947-50.Textual Records: Correspondence, 1943-52 (126.).Related Records: Naval Records Collection of the Office of Naval Records and Library,.Records relating to air demonstrations and exhibits, 1948-52.Tabulations of World War II and Korean War reports on the dollar value of industrial shipments, 1941-52.Documents relating to the Loyalty Security Program, 1949-53.Minutes of meetings of the Executive Council, 1946-50.Records relating to the Service Academy Board, 1949.
Redesignated Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering by DOD Reorganization Act of 1958 (72 Stat.