61 The Mexican authorities believe this car bomb attack was a form of "expression" by the criminal syndicates who operate in Nuevo Laredo and want to make their presence known.
Vicente Fox 's administration in 2004, 1 when the first major battle took place in Nuevo Laredo between the.
37 The message read the following: "Fucking ( Gulf Cartel ) whores, this is how I'm going to finish off every fucker you send to heat up the turf.
The team competes in Group XII of the Third Division.Retrieved b c d Castillo, Mariano (14 September 2011).9 El Chapo enters Nuevo Laredo edit After the apprehension of Osiel Cárdenas Guillén in 2003, the former leader of the Gulf Cartel, his criminal organization went through a leadership crisis, since there was no visible leader to take the lead of the cartel.Archived from the original on 4 September 2012.64 According to La Jornada, the armed men shot the installation more than 100 times, injuring Jaime Orozco Tey, a journalist.Retrieved b (in Spanish) "Nuevo Laredo vive un viernes negro, jornada violenta deja 23 muertos"."Asesinan a otro usuario de redes sociales".93 Other grenade explosions were heard across the border in Laredo, Texas, 94 while the residents turned to #LaredoFollow hashtag on Twitter to report on the violence.Retrieved (in Spanish) Guzmán, Julio Manuel.
Or you, Víctor Almanza, stating that the dismembered were masons, traders, migrants or simple and humble workers (and not what they were Zetas ).
Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

80 Following the attacks, El Mañana declared that it will no longer report on news relating rencontres sexe à la maison à milan to drug-violence.43 When the Mexican military arrived at the area of the explosion, they engaged in a confrontation with cartel members who shot them upon their arrival.The company's editorial and administrative board has been forced to make this regrettable decision by circumstances we are all familiar with, and by the lack of adequate conditions for freely exercising professional journalism.Retrieved from " ".Retrieved "Nuevo Laredo: Man tortured and decapitated for allegedly denouncing cartel activity online".The fire had been put down, but a portion of the casino was consumed by the flames.
"Identifican a 7 de 14 asesinados en Nuevo Laredo".
The message does not mention the fact that the Gulf Cartel is probably supporting the Sinaloa Cartel in carrying out the executions.

Retrieved (in Spanish) "El Chapo Guzmán comienza limpia de Los Zetas en Tamaulipas".
Retrieved "Possible Car Bomb at Nuevo Laredo City Hall".