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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, its capital city, is the island's economic centre.
So if you wish to settle there, it would be wise to inquire on its economy and labor market.
Tenerife is also known to be a dynamic island, having attracted thousands of young professionals from across the globe.There may be other activities scheduled in the afternoon, and we usually sing and dance with Rinpoche in the evenings at.Therefore, a good command of English or French can be a valuable asset, especially if you are looking forward to work in the tourism sector.Durch die Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies setzen.Good to know: Most of Tenerife's visitors come from European countries such as Spain, the British Islands, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. .Moreover, it is one of the country's main tourist destinations bakeka incontri vérone, femme cherche homme with an average of five million tourist arrivals every year.Tenerife not only has a pleasant climate but also offers various opportunities.If you are already on the spot, you could register with a recruitment agency.Please contact us if you have more questions and we can help.Hence, you are likely to be hired in the tourism and hospitality fields if you have a good command of three or more foreign languages, and especially if you are looking for seasonal jobs.But apart from hotel infrastructures, Tenerife has tourist attractions, monuments, museums, pyramids, and national parks.We are happy you would like to come visit.However, conditions may differ from those of most European cities, especially in terms of working hours and wages.
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Just to let you know a little about Dzamling Gar, it is located in Playa Paraiso, Adeje on the island of Tenerife, in Spain.The retreats will all be located in the big white tent at the gar.You can find taxis and buses to the center from both airports.Trabajo Tenerife, we do our best to provide accurate and up to date information.Tenerife, located in the, canary Islands, is, spain 's largest and most densely populated island.But over the years, other sectors such as industry, tourism and hospitality, trade, and services have taken over to some extend.

We are about a half hour from the southern airport (TFS) and one hour from the northern airport (TFN).