On, the annonce de rencontre de sexe caserta Council adopted Decision 2014/309/cfsp amending Council Decision 2013/255/cfsp.
The European Union reiterates its full support to the Mission and its mandate of establishing the facts surrounding those allegations and is looking forward to its report.
Recent announcements by the Israeli authorities of plans for further settlement expansion in Givat Hamatos, Silwan, Har Homa and Ramat Shlomo are extremely troubling, as they represent further highly detrimental steps that undermine prospects for a two-state solution and which, if pursued, will inevitably call.If international principles are not respected in the context of the situation in Ukraine, one must also ask how they will be respected in other situations.We reiterate our call to the ReNuAL project board to strive for more synergies and efficiencies and to keep the necessary transparency enabling the Member States to make their own independent assessment of its options.We call on Iran to implement the modified Code.1 of the Subsidiary Arrangements General Part to its Safeguards Agreement and to bring into force its Additional Protocol, which is a requirement under unsc and Board of Governors resolutions.The largest and most complex Ebola epidemic outbreak on record in West Africa has already claimed more than 5,000 lives and has seen over 14,000 cases.Combattre les discriminations dans diverses situations.Both crimes are very lucrative illicit activities globally and generate income used to fund other forms of criminal activities.Unidir is a trusted element of the disarmament machinery, invested with a unique mandate to conduct independent research and analysis on issues relating to disarmament and security which requires a high degree of expertise.In this light, we commend the growing impetus at country level following the endorsement at the last World Health Assembly of the Every newborn action plan.We also wish to highlight the importance of implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and we support continued discussions on the development of an osce-Wide Action Plan on the implementation of unscr 1325.The broad field presence is another key added value of the Mission.Therefore such guidelines should be constantly reviewed to assure they continue to address current proliferation challenges.In this regard we welcome the information that the IMS Stations on Juan Fernandez Island have been re-installed in accordance with the Decision of the Preparatory Commission.We furthermore remain concerned about the build-up of Russian troops next to the Ukrainian border and information about continued inflow of military equipment and personnel into Ukraine from the Russian Federation.What are the main challenges and opportunities the unece region will face in promoting gender equality within this new context?The threat of terrorism and the risk that non State actors may acquire, develop, traffic in or use nuclear chemical and biological weapons and their means of delivery remains high.

The EU notes with great concern the increased number of terrorist attacks over the past months on the Sinai and in the Nile valley, in Alexandria and the Cairo region.We need to make sure that civilians, including women and girls, are protected during conflict and that humanitarian aid reaches those most in need.The post 2015 framework should be universal and based on shared responsibility.This makes a convincing argument why the implementation of cedaw, a near universally ratified binding human rights treaty, and the Beijing Platform, are essential elements in addressing conflict related sexual violence.The EU also particularly emphasises the importance of the full participation of survivors of anti-personnel mines explosions in decision-making and policy-making on issues affecting them.This is occurring despite the encouraging talks held with the participation of representatives of the Russian Federation and the osce Chairman-in-Office, upon President Poroshenkos initiative, as well as direct high-level contacts between Ukrainian and Russian authorities.